PRIORITY ENTRIES ARE OPEN! Twilight Khanacross, Driver Development Day & Busy Bee

In recognition of the efforts of members who have officiated at an event or participated at a Busy Bee in 2015, PRIORITY ENTRIES are now open for the BORMSA Twilight Khanacross on Saturday 19 September and Driver Development Day on Sunday 20 September. Priority entries are available to those individuals whose name (or in the case of juniors, the name of their parent) appears on a CAMS Officials Sign On sheet for this year. As per the Supp Regs, the official must be a competitor in the vehicle, additional competitors may be included on the entry in the same vehicle. Entries for all other competitors will open on Friday night (28/08/2015) at 8pm WST.

Please remember that when you submit your entry, you are acknowledging that you have read, agreed and understood the Supplementary Regulations issued for the event (making it impossible for entries to be accepted early!). 2015 entry forms (attached) need to be completed in their entirety (except for signatures) to assist the officials in getting ready. As there are multiple events running, be careful to tick the correct boxes so it is clear which event(s) you are participating in. Remember that only inexperienced competitors are able to enter the Driver Development Day.

Email entries need to be sent to and not other email addresses.

For those who are staying overnight in Beverley, we will be holding a Busy Bee on Sunday 20 September morning in parallel with the Driver Development Day; the jobs list will be getting prepared closer to the time and an email will be sent out to interested parties but will likely include track work, post/rail installation and possibly some painting. Please let me know ( if you are able to come along (start time from ~8am onwards) so we have tasks and tools ready. As usual, we are also chasing volunteer timekeepers for the khanacross and coaches for the driver development day.

The tracks will NOT be illuminated for night time racing, so headlights and at least one rear facing tail light need to be working for the twilight khanacross event. Due to the large area at BORMSA, we aren't able to fully light up the pit area so please BYO any lights you need for servicing etc. No fires shall be permitted in the pits area and any generators should not be left running unattended. If anyone has a spare generator that could be used to power the lights at each test garage, please let me know.

Be aware that the evenings (and early mornings!) in Beverley are continuing to be somewhat chilly at this time of year, so bring plenty of warm clothes. Any extra layers worn during racing need to meet the requirements of the Regs - don't forget, polar fleece and polyester are synthetic and can't be worn whilst competing.

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