Results for BORMSA Khanacross - 19 June 2016

Congratulations to Mike Arthur who showed everyone that you can help run the event AND still walk away with first place! After a strong start by Liam Mirco (3 fastest times), Mike headed to the top of the timesheets with some great driving on the top tests in the afternoon to take the win from Shayne Lucy, who was fastest 2WD home in the Excel. Honourable mentions to Matt Palmer (in the multi-coloured hairdresser car), Shayne Lucy and Daniel McGuckin who also scored test wins during the day.

It was a great event at BORMSA with all competitors heeding the advice to "drive to the conditions" on the muddy bottom tests before heading up the hill. Taking advantage of the new Autotest regulations, everyone enjoyed the double runs on Test 2 & 4 in the afternoon to mix it up. Two kilometre khanacross tests are hard work!

A huge thank you to the officials who helped out - Arlene in the caravan (who not only did a top job with the paperwork but was creating a booming trade in BORMSA merchandise), Mike helping out as Clerk of Course, Cam & Rex on scrutineering & recovery duties and to all of our timekeepers David, Daph, Claude, Sharlene & Jodie. Thanks also to Neal and Darryn for their help leading up to the event.

Final results are attached.

BORMSA Khanacross Results 20160619.pdf87.1 KB