Agm Dates

Hi All
Sorry i have not got back to you all sooner but i have been in and out of the state.
I have run out of time to organise the AGM for early December as i was trying to have all of the committee members there as there is going to be a significant changes happening. It looks like we will have it in mid January early February. The dates i`m looking at would the weekends of 20/21, 27,28 of January or the 3/4 of February.
Could you get back to me with your preferences and the majority will win.
To pre-empt your thoughts on what you can do for this great club, Neal and I will be stepping down as Secretary and President respectively. So we need two great people ( the club is full of them ) to step up and keep this family friendly, fun club moving forward.
I will post the date for the AGM mid December